Winter decorating with… pompoms?

Winter decorating with… pompoms?

I probably get annoying with all of the blog posts I write about switching out my home decor for the seasons. The truth is, I really write these posts for myself. I often use my blog as a reference when I’m trying to remember what I used for decorating this time one year ago.

This is especially true with this year’s winter decor. I have a feeling that one year from now I’ll be trying to remember, “What was that weird obsession I had back at the beginning of 2018?!”

Oh, yeah… pompoms!

I started making pompoms last summer after a couple of friends told me how fun they are to make. I bought all of the supplies and tried to get my girls and their friends to hang out with me as we trimmed yarn into poof balls. The girls’ attention span for pompom making was short, so I put the craft away for another day.

This winter, I felt the urge to try making pompoms again. I found that it was a really quick, simple and fun craft to do while stuck inside for winter. As I was thinking about how to switch my home from Christmas to just plain, “winter,” I decided that pompoms could add some texture, fun and whimsy to my home decorating.

I really look forward to swapping out my Christmas decor for something more neutral. In fact, I can barely wait 24 hours to take the tree down once we have opened our gifts. I get tired of having a huge tree in the middle of my living room and constantly vacuuming pine needles. And then there’s my issue with the color red. I do not enjoy being around the color red, so by the time Christmas is over, I’m ready to wipe away the bright red and replace it with the calm of white.

This year, I had been busily making pompom bookmarks and even pompom animals in the days after Christmas. As I worked on adding touches of winter white to my decorating, I decided to whip up a few pompom accents for my decorating.

They give the feeling of falling snow. But instead of bringing in the cold feeling of real snow, I love how they add softness and warmth to my living room.

I also kept all of the snow globes from my Christmas decor

And I added this white cotton wreath, which I absolutely love!

And just a reminder… even if you don’t love winter, at least you can love the fact it brings spring, right?

So, what do you think? Have you ever made pompoms? Could you decorate with them? Do you love your Christmas decor or do you take it down as quickly as possible? Leave me a comment! I would love to know!


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It’s a rustic, snow-globe kind of Christmas

It’s a rustic, snow-globe kind of Christmas

Hey, there! I know it’s been a while since I updated the blog. The last few months have been really crazy around here, and my poor blog has been neglected. I’ve been working a lot more hours than usual… then we have the usual family stuff, plus that whole deal about me cooking every meal from scratch.

It’s always hard to know where to begin after I haven’t written anything for so long. So it seemed like the easiest place to start would be with the happy, light-hearted topic of Christmas decor! You already know that I’m not a big fan of winter. But thank goodness for the smell of pine and the cozy warmth of Christmas decor to get us at least part way through the long winter!

I’ve continue working on my rustic decorating style by adding some new signs that I’ve painted and other wood elements. This year, I also added my snow globes to the Christmas theme. I usually don’t bring them out until January, just to change things up. I’m really loving snow globes and enjoy buying myself a new one at Christmas time!

I found a random board in the garage and painted this “Merry & Bright” sign. It was so simple. I just stained the board a dark walnut. Then, I cut out the words with my Silhouette and placed them on the sign with adhesive vinyl. I painted over the vinyl with white paint. Then, I removed the vinyl to reveal the words. So fun!

Here’s the whole fireplace, with a blurry view of the “Christmas countdown” sign that I painted this year. It has a little wreath around the number “1” that we can move each day! Dec. 1 also is our youngest daughter’s birthday, so she has been super excited to see that number marked the past few weeks!

You already know how much I love chalkboards. Here are a few that I’ve updated for the Christmas season.

And, you might also know that I’m obsessed with fairy gardens. I made this little Christmas fairy garden in a jar, which I thought was cute with my snow globes.

And remember this photograph I took last year? It was fun to pull it out for a winter touch on my shelves in the kitchen.

You might remember that I used mod podge to adhere the photo to a piece of wood. I glazed it with mod podge, which makes it looks like a painting.

This is my new snow globe for this year.

And here’s one on the coffee bar and shelves that my husband built for me:

I’ve had this white mirror for as long as we’ve been home owners. It was one of the first decorations I ever bought. All of the glass is now broken from having lots of kids in the house, but I still love decorating it for the seasons.


I haven’t done a lot outside this year, and I think I might just keep it simple.

I made this set of ornaments a few years ago with a log from our River Birch tree. I still love them!

And Jayda made this little snow man last year in first grade. Isn’t it the cutest? I want to make a whole family of them to represent our family. That could be happening soon!!

So, what do you think about decorating for the holidays? Do you love it or hate it? Do you have a decorating style or a theme?

I would love to hear! Leave me a comment!

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