Warm getaway and iPhoto tricks

My husband’s company gave him the day off work on Monday for Martin Luther King Day. It was kind of weird because this was also the first day back to co-op for our three older kids. Although their teachers had been giving us assignments for the past two weeks, they didn’t have class. Monday was supposed to be their first full day back at their academic classes. It feels like we have been running like crazy lately. I have had to work more hours than usual the past few weeks, and it seems like I’ve been working more on weekends....
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Let the snowboarding begin!

After several days of hard work, the snow boarding hill is ready for action. We love having friends stop by to go for a ride down the hill. Sledding or snowboarding…  It’s lots of fun. Sumner learned to snowboard for the first time! Matthew is becoming an expert. Watch out! Girl power! The line can be long… But it’s worth the wait. SNOW!!