Games and more

One of the other moms at our home-school co-op wasn’t able to make it today, so I got to be the substitute for her class, “Games and More.”
Now, this is totally MY kind of class! Basically, it’s a great chance to get out all of those educational games that sometimes get put on a shelf and play them for an hour.

For me, that meant pulling together a big bag of my Discovery Toys games. Some of the kids in the class are a little younger than mine, so it was fun to dig out some of our old favorites, like “Zingo.” 

And lots of others… I’m not sure who had more fun… me or the kids!

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Changing eyes

I’ve been trying to learn how to use my new camera lens by taking portraits of the kids. When our oldest son was young, his eyes were definitely brown. Now look how they are changing to green.

And the next minute they are brown.

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New subject

I recently added a new subject to our schoolwork. My kids have become masters at making movies on the computer using iMovie. I decided it was time for them to learn to use all of the other programs, too.

Of course, they all love playing with the computer programs! For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been working on desktop publishing. They had to create a bio sheet about themselves and an advertisement.

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Valentine’s Day

I asked Kent if we could skip the flowers and candy this Valentine’s Day. Neither of us is a big fan of the “Hallmark holidays.” He agreed. But then, later in the afternoon, I found this:

No… It’s not a diamond necklace. My husband knows me far too well! Inside was this:

It’s a new lens I have been wanting for my camera! It is supposed to take really good portraits. Here is my first attempt.

Also today… the temperature is supposed to get up to nearly 50 this week! Here is a shot of our snow as it is starting to melt. We probably won’t have anything left by Friday.

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