my life in bullet points


Since I started my bullet journal a few weeks ago, I’ve started thinking in bullet points. It’s kind of fun to sum up your day in just a few short sentences. The last few days have been amusing so I thought I would share them here… #BuJo style.

* I wore out my crockpot.

* Who uses a crockpot so much that it actually wears out, and you have to throw it away? #winning

* I revived two plants from the dead.

* My plants are GROWING!

* After many failed attempts, I remembered how to make a friendship bracelet.


* I taught our 6-year-old how to make friendship bracelets. #addicted

* Matthew had to wear black dress clothes to his 8th grade band concert.

* He grew out of all of his black clothes.


* I reluctantly bought a pair of black pants for $55 because they were the only ones I could find in his size.

* When I checked out, they were on clearance for $5.50.

* $5.50!

* Some days, I can’t tell you how much I want to eat a bagel, ravioli from a can, Ghirardelli brownies, a grilled cheese sandwich, Saltine crackers.

* Can Celiac Disease be over now?

* Andrew thinks our family dinners are so funny they should be a show.

* Every subscriber to the show should get a copy of my cookbook, Slightly Delicious and a Little Bit Nutritious.

*** What does the bullet point version of your life look like this week? I would love to hear about it!

4 Responses

  1. Hahahaha! You make me laugh. I love the cookbook name!
    If you have black pants to give away, we could take them off your hands! 🙂 Micah has to get a pair for band too!

    1. Sadly for Alayna, his old pants fit her perfectly! She had to make a quick change when hers were too tight to sit down. If I find any other black pants in his closet, they are all yours! I’m pretty sure we have black shoes, too! 🙂

  2. I love this!
    *$5.50 – I’d shout that from the rooftops!
    *I tried to find all my old friendship bracelet thread for Annelise, but it apparently got lost in our last move. :-/

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