Cake ball bouquets

I have been consumed the past few days planning my oldest sister’s 50th birthday party.
I sent my sister a list of ideas several months ago of things we could do to celebrate her birthday. She wrote back with a long list of activities that she enjoys. I was intrigued that one of the things on the list was “watching butterflies hatch.” I guess she had gone to a nature preserve that had lots of butterflies on display.
So, I decided we would go with a butterfly theme for her birthday party. That sounded much better to me than the typical “over the hill” theme.
I made three different types of cake balls for the birthday cake and decorated them to look like spring flowers. I put them in flower pots and put a bouquet of cake ball flowers on each table as the centerpiece. It was a lot of fun!

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Shoe lover

Our little baby loves shoes. I sorted through a box of hand-me-down clothes and put a pile of “new” shoes in the closet. When she found them, she brought them out and held them up to her foot, begging in her non-verbal way to put them on. They were large enough they fit right over the top of her sleeper.
Isn’t that a great look?!
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Field trip to the fire house

Today we went on a field trip with our home-school co-op to the fire department. We had a great time, and of course, the kids loved getting inside the big firetruck.

We got to see what a firefighter looks like before…

and after he puts on all of his gear.

After our tour, we all visited our new library, which opened a few weeks ago. This place is AMAZING! It has a large area where the kids can play board games. We had a ton of fun hanging out at the library!

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Alayna got to have a playdate today while her brothers went to a birthday party. We just love this little girl who is full of so much joy and energy. We also figured out that Alayna and her friend were born only two days apart!

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