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  1. Hmmm… Ok the flowers are to suck up to you cuz the bag of batter is one of those 3000 day batters (ok maybe not 3000 days but those long production ones) where you add something every day & then have to give some away at the end – then you get muffins. The meat (turkey??) is maybe to add to the special batter… or for something else completely… hmmm…or you were just bored & decided to play games with pictures…maybe the flowers are cuz you're special & your hubby came home; the day 1 Friday is maybe some of your special baby milk, and the meat is the 'before' picture to show & tell us how many meals that'll feed your family…hmmm… will you tell us the truth soon??Laurel

  2. The flowers remind me of Daisy Day at good old ERHS. The batter reminds me of yet another reason why I have to hide things from my husband "Lynn! What is this bag of goo on the kitchen counter? How long does it have to be here?!" I should come with a sign that states "I can be your friend, but not your friendship bread friend."Pulled pork? Has to be a gift from a neighbor with a Big Green Egg smoker. No? Oh, that's me! All of these things must be from loving friends. But, it's not your birthday, yet! You are loved!:)Lynn

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