Oh, boy! Oh, girl! Oh, my! Oh, wow!

When my daughter was about 2 years old, she used to roam around the house, looking for something. Then she would walk up to me, shrug her shoulders, raise her hands and ask, “Where my sista?”

Oh, my sweet girl. She did this so many times, and it broke my heart every time.

I am blessed with two wonderful sisters, and I couldn’t imagine my daughter going through her entire life without one of God’s greatest gifts. A sister.

Well, today was the big day. It was the day the whole family has been anticipating for 20 weeks. My ultrasound. Oh… if this is news to you, you better go here real quick and get caught up. Don’t worry. I’ll wait.

Everyone in the family has had a very strong hunch that we were having a girl.

“Alayna HAS to have a sister!” even the boys would say.

But what if it wasn’t?

“God knows exactly what baby our family needs and he is going to give it to us,” I told the kids — and myself — 100 times.

I could barely sleep last night with anticipation. When the ultrasound tech gave us the news, I couldn’t hold back my tears.

It’s amazing enough that my 40-year-old body is the home to a growing, thriving baby! But how much more can God bless us that the heart, the lungs, the brain, the spine, the bones all appear to be perfect?!

And, it’s a girl.

A G-I-R-L!


Of course, we all would have loved a boy just as much. With all three of my other children, I truly did not even have a preference going into the 20-week ultrasound. But I am so thankful to be able to give Alayna a sister.

She even spread out her fingers to give us a wave. I’m already having proud mommy moments since the doctor said it’s rare for a baby to do that in utero.

And then she posed to show us her footprints:

I am so amazed. So blessed. So thankful. So happy. Thank you, God, for such an amazing gift!

Now, there’s a new question coming out of my daughter’s mouth:

“When will my sister come out?”

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