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One of my favorite things about my husband’s trips to China… hang on a sec… I meant to say, The only thing I like about my husband’s trips to China is when he goes shopping for me at the Ladies’ Market.

He has started bringing me purses.

This is the one he got me on his most recent trip.

It’s really soft leather. And the inside is super soft, too.

Usually, the Ladies’ Market has the latest styles that will be making their way to America. So, I’m hoping that my new purse is really hip and cool. I’m just not sure yet.

I keep wishing someone in her 20s would come up to me and tell me she loves my purse! This morning at church, a high school girl and her mom were poking each other and pointing at it. The mom told me she got one that was similar at a flea market.

I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

This is the purse he got me last year. My fake Coach. Why do I feel the need to tell everyone, “It’s fake” when they say they like it?

Maybe I’m more proud of the fact my husband got me a fake Coach for $10 off the street in China than I would be if I had paid for a real Coach. Yep. I’m proud of my cheap-o-ness.

The purse purchases started a few years ago when my husband came home with this purse. It was for my 2-year-old daughter.

“Where’s mine?” I asked.

“I thought you had a purse.”

Oh my. That was the day my husband learned that just because a woman has one purse does not mean she doesn’t need six more. I guess he wasn’t that good at math.

While I’m on the topic of purses, this is the bag I picked out for myself for Mother’s Day. Bass Pro Shop. Go figure.

I thought it was kind of nice for summer.

It love using it to carry around all of my junk when I’m going to be stuck sitting somewhere for a while. It’s the perfect size for my everydayMOM planner, too.

Maybe I should start selling it as an accessory?

What do you think? Does a new purse or handbag make you as happy as it makes me?

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  1. "I thought you had a purse." Too funny! Emily, you have taught Kent well! I'm not sure that my husband would even go to the Ladies Market, simply because it's called the Ladies Market. I LOVE that new purse!!!!:)Lynn

  2. A new purse is a FABULOUS thing!! Boys just don't get that tho… my husband has learned not to ask anymore either… I just give him the 'look' and he stops… Glad to see your husband has gotten over the idea of you having one… he picks them well!!I love the pics of your purses too! Very cool & hip!!Have a great June!Laurel

  3. I have a lot of bags. Unfortunately most of them are totally utilitarian. Some day I’ll get something cute! And I’m with you on explaining it is a fake. It almost seems ridiculous to spend that much money on a bag!

  4. Yes, it does! I may not like to shop for clothes, but shoes & purses on the other hand…I agree that your husband has good taste in purses. He's picked you some good ones.

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