LOST: The Variable

To make sense of last night’s unbelievably convoluted episode of LOST, I think I need to start from the end and then work my way backward.

So, Daniel’s mother really was Ellie, as I have been speculating for a while. And his dad really is Charles Widmore.

Ellie killed Daniel in 1977. Even though this ended Daniel’s life, it doesn’t mean that Ellie couldn’t go on in her own life and give birth to Daniel in the future. And if time travel is working the way I understand it, Ellie would have a memory of killing Daniel, so she knew in the future that when she sent him back to the island, she was indeed sending him to be killed.

I am thinking that after she shot Daniel, Ellie took his journal that was stuffed inside his shirt. This, then, gave her all of the information that she needed to understand time travel and all of the events that were supposed to happen in her future son’s life. That is way she was so adamant that even as a child he needed to put his scientific brain to its best use.

This also would explain why she made the statement that for the first time in her life she didn’t know what was going to happen next. Up until the point that Daniel died, she had all of that information spelled out for her in his journal. But when he died, the journal ended.

So, the big question now is whether the Oceanic 6 really will be able to change the past by stopping the leak in the power source and preventing their own plane from crashing in the future. And if they are able to do this, what will that mean for them?

Will they be able to turn the donkey wheel and travel back through time? Or will Ellie help them time travel? Or will they be stuck in their current place in time?

Also, why do you think Eloise wanted them to return to the island? How did that fit into her grand scheme? Could it be that Eloise is living in a constant time loop, much like the one in which Desmond was caught during that episode way back when, and she needed the Oceanic passengers to return to make her loop stop?

The next big question that I have is whether it was really the leaking of the power source that caused the death of all of the Dharma people? I wonder if Ben really did kill all of those people or if he only made up that story.

We haven’t seen the writers interject any lies up until now in the story line, so it seems improbable that Ben just made up the story about gassing the Dharma people. But at the same time, Daniel said that when the power source was released, it would wipe out the people on the island, so maybe that is what caused all of those deaths.

I’m also getting really anxious to find out what Sun, Locke and Ben are doing back in their time zone. I’m looking forward to another episode with that part of the crew. And I can’t wait to find out how Sun and Jin will be reunited.

Oh, so many questions, but so much great information in this episode.

What did you think? Can’t wait to read your theories!

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  1. Loved your recap as always and I loved last night’s ep, but I cannot really formulate any coherent thoughts because it was soooo mind numbing…I’m totally confused, but in a good way…sort of. Loved that we know why Charlotte’s last words spoke of chocolate before dinner. 🙂

  2. Ooof, this episode was mind-boggling! Your theory that Eloise’s comment to Widmore that she didn’t know what happened now was based on her having read Daniel’s journal was intriguing and actually makes a lot of sense… But I have a different interpretation that I’m still holding on to. ;P I go into it more in-depth in my post, but I don’t think Eloise in the present knew that she killed Daniel. It hadn’t happened yet — in his present, he hopped a sub from Ann Arbor after seeing the photo of Kate, Jack and the others… it was her sending them back in time (their presence being a new variable)that triggered the chain of events that led to him being shot. I think maybe she will suddenly have the memory in the present, a la Desmond suddenly waking up remembering the encounter with Daniel. Um, if any of that makes sense. :PI think Ben definitely did massacre the Dharma-ites… I mean, we were shown it in a flashback, right? And the Losties discovered Roger’s body exactly where the flashback showed it would be. But maybe changes in the past will change that as well… idk.What do you think of my theories?? Am I totally off base?

  3. A couple of things:What if “Young Charlie” is really CHARLIE? Right now, Penny just left her son with a nurse and Widmore outside the hospital. What if he goes missing, travels through time somehow, and ends up on the island meeting his dad (Desmond)? They did have a very close bond while on the island together, but neither of them must have known they were related. I know, a little far fetched. But isn’t ALL of it???Also, remember the comment Daniel made about how he couldn’t send Theresa (his girlfriend) into time, and that’s how his mind got messed up? Well, he must have eventually done it and that’s how she ended up in her comatose state (from a few episodes back). And that’s all I have to say about that!Michele

  4. I just thought of something. How does Daniel know about the accident that is going to happen at the being built Swan sation that will require them to come up with the button pushing thing? We know that Daniel time traveled to the 1970’s before/while they were building the station. We know that Daniel was at the island in the 2000’s with the Oceanic crew after they blew up the Swan station. How did he know about the incident that’s going to happen days after he died on the island with such certainity?

  5. Mike and I are participating in a “trainer” bike challenge. It’s called the Century of Nowhere which (as you probably know)means 100 miles ridden on the bike trainer in a day. I think (thanks to you)that we are going to get the first season of Lost and watch it while we ride. Is it best to start at season 1 or will we be happier starting a little farther into it?

  6. I was thinking that I had somewhat of a clear picture of what was going on…..until I started reading everyone else’s thoughts/theories and now I feel a nosebleed coming on!LOLLove your recap! I think you might be onto something about Ellie grabbing the journal and knowing how to orchestrate the time travel stuff….I am just holding onto The Island healing Twitchy, aka Daniel so that we can get some more info!My recap is up too….feel free to pop on over!xox

  7. Sorry I’m so late coming over to chime in! I love your theory that Eloise had Daniel’s journal all those years that he was growing up. I really like Daniel and will be very said if he really is dead. I’m hoping for some Island-healing-mojo next week!I don’t have a lot of new thoughts or theories, my brain is pretty numb from this episode!

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