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You probably won’t believe this, but I’ve been trying for several days now to write a post about Facebook. The unfinished post goes from sarcastic to serious to nostalgic to whiney. And then it just goes on and on and makes no sense. It’s a little like Facebook, I suppose.

Well, I finally decided I better just write a post about something else. I feel like I can’t get my day going until I just write something! Seriously, you can only look at those photos of my kids’ teeth for so many days until you decide to leave and never come back.

I have so much going on in my life right now that my head is completely muddled with a million different thoughts. I can’t really unleash all the craziness that would like to leap onto the page of my blog.

So, in the interim, I offer you a list. I was going to call it “things I’ve learned this week” but it isn’t even that. It’s just a random collection of thoughts swirling in my brain.

1. My prescription for Nasonex cost $80. Doesn’t that seem ridiculous?

2. Thankfully, Meijer fills prescriptions for Amoxicillin for free. And since we needed three of those this week, that saved us $45 at the pharmacy.

3. It’s impossible to buy a chocolate Easter bunny that wasn’t made in a plant with peanuts. Why don’t I ever plan in advance that I need to get some melting chocolate and make one instead of spending three hours driving from store to store reading labels?

4. Kids who have eaten Easter bunnies know that consuming the low-quality chocolate is barely even worth the effort to rip off the bunny’s ears. But when a child has never had one, it becomes the most longed-for object on the face of the planet. Life is just like that, isn’t it?

5. I used to be really good at the game Memory. Now, my 4-year-old daughter sneaks her matches onto my pile so I don’t feel as bad about her margin of victory. “We can help each other!” she explains when I catch her putting her pairs onto my pile.

6. It really doesn’t matter when the tax deadline is. I will wait until that day to file my taxes. I kind of wish they would move it up to February. That would save me a good two months of agonizing over my bookkeeping.

7. My assignment was simple. “Can you send an object to school with your child that begins with the letter C? Please send this object in a paper bag. Sign this paper and return it to school with your child if you can participate. Do not sign the paper if you are not able to do this.” I signed the paper. When I picked up my child from kindergarten, he hopped in the car and said, “It’s OK, Mom. We can bring the C item tomorrow.” Oh no. I signed the paper and then I forgot. Do you think more games of Memory might help?

How about you? Do you have any random thoughts you would like to share? Oh, come on! I need a laugh.

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  1. 1. A hoody over a regular sweatshirt keeps me warm until the house warms up.2. Sometimes even an independent 18 year old needs their mom.3. If you have one day with indoor appointments all day, that will be the one day the sun shines.4. A two year old can “Walk it Off” faster than an 18 year old. Still loving your blog! ~Jenny

  2. I started to leave this comment and then became insecure that it wasn’t actually funny, it was just kind of gross, but here goes… My one big observation for this week is that cats have a weird and inexplicable fascination with… the toilet. I just posted photos and stories about my two new little cats, but the part I left off my blog (for fear that if my friends knew they would start walking gingerly and avoiding touching my furniture when they visit) I’ll tell you now for humor’s sake… One of my cats keeps trying to climb *into* the toilet. *INTO IT* And um, once at least she definitely succeeded. And err, I think she was drinking the water… As a clean freak (not a neat freak… there’s a big difference lol) it was a horrible, horrible moment for me, and I’ve been compulsively checking to make sure my roommate remembers to shut that dang lid about every other moment ever since…Looking forward to the facebook post! And I liked the post about your kids’ teeth lol…

  3. Emily, You should make your famous chocolate chip cookies for the “C” item–there is THREE C’s in the title!! You could include one for each child in the class, and they will love you forever!!Michele

  4. 1. Littering is gross. How much effort is it really to put things in the garbage?2. I tried a vanilla latte last night. I don’t get the big deal.3. I ate 3 pieces of that strawberry cake yesterday. And I could have eaten more.4. I’m meeting teenagers lately who I actually LIKE.

  5. Oh, you make me laugh! I can totally relate to having a million thoughts jumping around in your brain and not knowing what to say, what to write, etc. And I always worry things that sound funny in my head will totally not translate to others. But, you are always funny. Thanks for sharing. I related to no. 6 too, or whatever the tax one was. I can’t remember for sure the number-maybe I need the memory game too. Normally I would have several random thoughts to share, but somehow my mind is blank right now. Have a good day!

  6. Thank you all for making me laugh today! You have no idea how much you made me smile…The Facebook post will be coming soon. Could contain lots of sarcasm, so be warned.Michele, I love the cookie idea! I have been hungry for chocolate chip cookies since you left that comment! And he only has seven kids in his class, so it wouldn’t be hard.Sarah, glad you liked the cake. I’ll be posting a photo later this week. Sarah Eliza, I can sympathize with your cat story. Left my own “brush” with the toilet over on your blog. =]

  7. 53 degrees in the spring is different than 53 degrees in the fallCleaning the kitchen is getting to be a drag.I cry every time I think of my son leaving for college. CRY!I sometimes feel my friend doesn’t need me anymore because she has so many new bloggy friends.:)

  8. Hey Emily… your blogs are always funny – I look forward to getting to your site to see what’s new… I’d love to see your thoughts on fb too… I think everyone has a love/hate relationship with it…as for the random thoughts, spring fever makes people insane for awhile… sometimes a long time… but once the weather smartens up, most times the people do too… most times…hope you all get better soon! Have a great day! Laurel

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