LOST: Egyptian mythology

A few weeks ago, we were playing Trivial Pursuit and I got a question about a war hero whose own elephants turned on his troops in a battle against Rome. At least I think that was the question.

“Just a second,” I told my opponents. I ran up to my second grader’s room and happily found him still awake. He is obsessed with ancient history and knows as much about Greece, Rome and Eygpt as he does about Luke Skywalker, Anakin and Jabba the Hut.

“Do you know some famous military guy who fought against the Romans?” I asked.

“Yes. It’s Odysseus.”

“No, this guy had elephants,” I explained.

“Hannibal, Mom. Definitely Hannibal.”

I ran back downstairs with my answer. Correct! Phew! I never get the yellow history questions right!

If only I would let me son watch LOST, I think he could provide me with a world of insight into last night’s episode. His mind is jammed with information about Egyptian gods.

On the other hand, I’m so dumbfounded and overwhelmed I have nothing intelligent to offer. So, I wanted to point you toward THIS if you haven’t read it already! Whoa!

So, a few questions for you:

Why do you think the writers are taking this work of fiction, but giving it such a basis in Egyptian mythology? The similarities are amazing.

Did you not love it when Alex reappeared and scared the ba-geebers out of Ben? (Of course, I don’t know how to spell ba-geebers.)

What’s up with Ilana? Do you think she was sent there by Charles Widmore’s group and uses the question about “what lies in the shadow of the statue?” to determine the identity of other people Widmore planted on the plane?

Ben told Widmore he was going back to the island. Would Widmore have had time to somehow get his own people on board to go back?

Do you think that Ben did kill Penny? If he didn’t, why did he tell John to apologize to Desmond?

Why do you think Widmore was removed from the island in the first place?

And why wasn’t Ben killed by the Smoke Monster?

How did Locke know how to find that temple? I know we saw the Smoke Monster come out of the crack in the ground before, but I don’t remember Locke being there.

Finally, wasn’t Locke great last night? He had some great lines and I was so happy to see him stand up to Ben.

It was probably the best episode ever, so I’m sorry I don’t have more to add. My brain is so full of information I can’t process it. I think I will show a few scenes to my second grader to see if he can help.

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  1. hehehehe I *definitely* wish we could get your son’s input on Lost… his history and Star Wars obsessions sound awesome! I was totally sold on Ilana’s question being a rhetorical passkey kind of thing, but then when I happened to mention to my boyfriend that the statue she was referencing might be the huge one, and it might be of Anubis, he kind of flipped out about what that would mean Egypto-legend wise. So it might be more significant after all…As for apologizing to Desmond… well, Ben *did* shoot him lol I’m thinking that that, and the plan to kill his wife, could explain the apology. Cuz, I refuse to believe Penny is dead… 😛 It definitely looked to me like Ben’s little swim was the end of that whole encounter.And if you’re right that Locke really shouldn’t have had any way of knowing where the temple was, then it might substantiate the idea I’ve heard that he could be a manifestation of the smoke monster just like all the other non-dead people who seem to be running around… Weird/freaky!I blogged a lot about all the potential Egypt / smoke monster /dead people tie in stuff… let me know what you think! 🙂

  2. Great story about your boy. My Beaner knows everything about technology -which is good because then I don’t need to know anything. -and bad because I don’t need to know anything.I’ll give you this…even though I’ve never seen it, you make Lost sound really good.

  3. Oh, Jenny. I think you’ll be getting on the LOST bandwagon eventually. =] You could always wait until the season is over and just watch the DVDs on your own schedule. Then, you won’t feel all the pressure to read the blogs!

  4. Yes! So much pressure!! Always trying to sound intelligent and deep!I don’t think Penny is dead – I think Ben was apologizing for the attempt…could be wrong. Also, Troy commented that there must have been something other than a carton of milk in that bag to stop a bullet…interesting!I am very interested to find out more about Ilana – I read somewhere that maybe the questions was similar to Desmond’s snowman joke qualifier….Ben and Locke have obviously changed positions which is why Locke knows how to find things and Ben doesn’t. I also think that Smokie didn’t kill him because the island isn’t done with him yet – much like Michael. Does that mean that we will see his demise yet??I commented to Troy how much I enjoyed watching Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn together on screen – so incredibly dynamic and charged!

  5. My husband thinks that the resurrected Locke is the monster. He thinks that Jacob is an embodiment of the Monster, and that the Monster uses bodies to interact with people. He things that Christian=Jacob=the Monster. And since Locke’s place in the casket on the plane was in imitation of Christian, he is the latest body. It… actually makes sense to me. After all, Locke knows weird things now. Hmm..

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