what side are you on?

I learned a very important piece of information today, which I wanted to pass along.

This might only apply if you have a short haircut. So, if you do… When your hair starts getting too long and you need a hair cut, what part of your hair bugs you most?

Did you just reach up and grab your hair? That’s your trouble spot.

My very informative hairstylist, Shea, has used this trick on me many times. After four years with her, I now know that if she asks me how I feel about my hair, she is waiting for me to naturally reach up and grab the part that is bugging me. I have started sitting on my hands when she asks.

Today when I was getting my hair cut, Shea — whose real name is Amy, but whose haircutting name was Shea at an old salon because they already had an Amy, but who went back to being Amy at her new salon, but who I still call Shea — also told me that one side of our hair tends to grow faster than the other.

The part that grows fastest is the side you tend to sleep on.

So, I finally put it all together. My trouble spot is that part on the right side of my head. That’s the side I sleep on and, thus, it’s the part that grows faster. WHO KNEW!?

A few months ago, a professional photographer took my photo. She asked me which side was my good side. (Neither, I thought.)

“Ummm, I’m not sure,” I said out loud.

She took photos of me from both angles and then announced quite conclusively that my good side is my left side. I’m thinking now that it MUST be because I don’t sleep on that side as much, so my hair isn’t as long and messy over there and my face isn’t as smooshed.

I have a few other important pieces of information I would like to give you about dominant sides. But right now, I need to leave you with a question:

Even though it’s still cold outside, it’s starting to feel a bit more like spring. Do you think it’s OK to still wear my high-heeled boots? Or should I go with more of a springtime shoe? If you could answer this question within the next hour, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks and have a GREAT weekend!

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  1. Dear Emily, I am no help to you…I live in Seattle. NOBODY CARES IN SEATTLE. It’s true and its official Seattle was actually voted the worst dressed in the country. Also I would put on the boots and get the opinion of my 9 year old fashionista cuz she always knows when Mama looks best. 🙂

  2. Go with the spring shoes… if you are lucky enough to have no snow, it’s gotta be the spring shoes!Enjoy it!! (we will here about mid april!!)Have a great weekend!Laurel

  3. If it is still cold wear your boots. Not too many people concentrate on your feet. They’ll probably be concentrating on your “good side”. besides black can go with anything springy too. Thanks for sharing. I found your blog through a friend of mine (Jenny).

  4. Thank you all so much for the help on my shoe dilemma. I got to go away for the weekend to a conference with a bunch of women I work with selling Discovery Toys. It worked out very well… boots in the evening, followed by the spring shoes the next day.I tried to keep my “good side” facing forward as much as possible.Wily: I think you know me well enough to know that CROCS are not in my evening wardrobe.! =] OK… maybe on a camping trip that involves hiking across a stream. Not that there’s anything wrong with Crocs. Just not my first choice for the occasion! =]Now… what to eat for lunch… any suggestions? hahaha

  5. UGH! Sorry I didn’t respond to your boot question in time. I have some comments of my own here. First, I’d like to comment on my relationship with my hair stylist Miss Shana, whose real name is Shana, but I insist on calling her Miss Shana because I usually have a child in tow. I trust her completely. So much so that I’ll follow her to any salon she goes to. We have an agreement that I’d like to encourage anyone else to have with their hair stylist as long as said hair stylist is really really really good. I let Miss Shana do WHATEVER she wants to my hair. She is in complete control of my hair, color, cut, length, everything. She has sworn that when I become of an age to need a different style that she will take care of it without me asking. She has also pledged to keep me in style and fashionable and never to allow me to look frumpy. OK, now onto the boots. I just wore my boots today and I felt so good with them on with what I would call a transitional season outfit. I say, wear whatever you are in the mood for and whatever you are comfortable with but do not go out in public with crocs on! Sorry WilyHacker! Crocs are not a good look for anyone over 12 in public. And a comment about the Labor Day to Memorial Day thing. That has been almost completely abandoned. We are now encouraged to wear white whenever we feel like it. However, I’ll not truly be comfortable in white bottoms until after Easter. And I’ll never be comfortable in white boots! Another note about boots – if you (meaning Emily’s readers, not Emily, I know Emily has at least 2 pair of great boots) don’t have some cool ones, you’d better get ’em on clearance for next year. They are coming fast and hard. Having just traveled to Europe where they are years ahead fashionably speaking, 8 in 10 women there are wearing any heel of boot, with skirts, and with jeans and leggings tucked in. Then I went to NYC where 4 in 10 women are wearing the same styles. So you see, the trend is coming this way and you’ll want to be ready. The boots are in a variety of styles and heel heights with buckles, laces, etc, predominately knee high. I don’t know anything at all about sleeping on a certain side or hair growth rates.

  6. Definitely boots through spring! Everlovinsista, I back you up completely on all your comments. And Emily does have some great boots. I’ve been wanting a pair of cowboy boots lately, which I feel like I could even get away with in the summer with a skirt or casual dress. What do you think of THAT? I would like some input! You made good choices, Emily, after reading what you chose. I love this time of year because pretty much anything goes as far as shoes, and I love shoes. And PLEASE NO CROCs EVER EVER EVER on an adult’s feet!!!!!!!!Michele

  7. Amy, It sounds like you have a similar relationship to Shana that I have with Shea. I have followed her to three different salons and even had my hair washed in her kitchen sink many times. I hope that when I’m 70, she will still cut my hair. And we have both agreed that she will continue to color my hair until I’m AT LEAST 70!Well, ladies… I didn’t want to be quite so honest as you were with my feelings about crocs. You know how easily one can turn off readers here in the blogging world. But I wholeheartedly agree with you: NO CROCS!! They are cute on children, but really don’t offer any improvements to the feet of adults! Michele, Oooooohhhh! Cowboy boots! You would look GREAT in cowboy boots and I know that the second I saw you wearing them, I would want some, too! You’re such a fashion trailblazer! Go for it! I can’t wait!!

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