The Opossum’s Rebuttal

This strange note was left by our front door around 5:23 this evening. It was scrawled in very messy handwriting:

Oh, I’m not cute like a puppy
I don’t cuddle like a kitten
But I still need some love
Even though I might chew your mitten

Did you have to put me out
Just dump me in the cold?
Not even a goodbye
Or some fruit covered in mold?

I heard her pull up in her van
The lady dressed in blue
Ms. Animal Control
The one who brought the cage to you

She carried me outside
Upside down she shook the trap
I tried to hang on tight
But she poked me in the back

I walked to a tree
I sat there for a spell
I couldn’t find an apple
An orange or anything with a smell

No Fritos out here
No Cheetos, Ritz or Lays
No Frosted Flakes or Coke
No carrots, cookies or cheese

Please let me back in
I beg you, Mrs. Neal
I’m just a baby opposum
Can I have just one more meal?

It’s cold in the lawn
I can’t find a sleeping bag
Not a tent or a blanket
Like those cozy ones you had!

I know that I’m ugly
And my teeth are really sharp
But I’ll make a great pet
Don’t you have a heart?

I won’t poop on your toys
I won’t pee on your stuff
Just give me one more chance
Life out here is rough!

(Emily with hands held over ears: Lalalalala… It’s not working!!!)

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Ode to Mr. Possum

There’s a possum in the garage
And he’s making lots of noise
There’s a possum in the garage
And he’s chomping on our toys

He has sharp, scary teeth
And a long, pointy nose
He has a striped furry tail
We don’t know where he goes

He sleeps way up high
On the shelf by the tent
We never saw a possum
When a-campin’ we all went

We don’t see him in the day
He walks around at night
He pees on the mower
And he poops on the bikes

He eats all our scraps
He rips open the garbage
Oh, please, Mr. Possum
Won’t you get out of our garage?

Just walk into the trap
And close the little door
We’ll take you to the forest
You don’t have to live indoors

There’s a possum in the garage
He’s making me lose sleep
But now that he’s in the cage
He looks kind of sweet

(What can I say? The possum has made me so crazy that I’m writing poetry about him!)

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LOST: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

I thought last night’s episode of LOST was one of the most disturbing, thought-provoking, shocking episodes I had seen in a while.

While it did answer some questions, I would say it raised even more questions.

Let’s start with why it disturbed Benjamin Linus so much when John mentioned the name of Eloise Hawking that it caused him to kill Locke. I have speculated before that perhaps Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore had been married (remember seeing the young Charles and Ellie together on the island?).

According to Charles, he and Ben got into a power struggle over who was the leader. Perhaps that is also when the young Ellie switched sides and went with Ben. Whatever the case, Eloise is pretty much running the show with Ben and he didn’t want Locke making any attempts to find her.

Ben also seemed really freaked when he heard Jin was alive. Why?!?

The symbolism of Locke as the Christ certainly continued last night.

When I first saw that Locke chose hanging as his chosen form of suicide I was thinking WHY?!?! Aren’t there better ways to kill yourself?

But then the hanging took on another meaning. Locke has been portrayed as the sacrifice that had to be made to bring the other O6ers back to the island. Once he was murdered by Linus, I thought the hanging was sort of like the hanging on the cross.

After the plane crashed, Locke was “resurrected”. PLEASE tell me that it had NOT only been three days since his death?!? I really can’t handle that much of a comparison to Christ, especially not on Ash Wednesday.

But anyway…. Then we see Locke sitting on the ground with his head covered with a cloak. Again, kind of reminded me of Christ coming out of the tomb and revealing himself.

So, if Locke is the sacrifice, what does that make Richard?

Matthew certainly stressed the point that if Richard told you you were going to die, there was no avoiding it!

OK… onto another big question. The O6ers were taken from the plane in a flash of light. Does this mean they were transported back in time to the day of the Dharma initiative while the ones who weren’t “chosen” landed in current time? And how interesting that Locke wasn’t taken with them.

This part was so strange, confusing and mind-bending for me that I can hardly wrap my little brain around it. How will they all be reunited in the same place in time??

Just when we were ready to wrap things up, we have two new characters on the scene: Caesar and Ilana.

Ilana was the one guarding Sayid when they got on the plane. We don’t know much about Caesar yet, but it seems certain that he will have a major role in all of this. Could it be that those two were planted on the plane by Widmore or perhaps Ben? They seem to be working closely together. And they don’t seem too alarmed about being stranded on an island after their plane crashed.

And finally, we come to the ending scene with Ben, lying on the bed all battered and bruised from the crash. I loved it when Locke described him as the man “who killed me.”

There was so much more to discuss in this episode…

  • The mysterious Matthew Abaddon: who is he and is he really dead? I thought he had a really sneaky look after he was shot.
  • Widmore versus Linus: Who is good? Who is bad? Or are they both bad?
  • Does the island bring people back to life? And will everyone who died on the island come back to life? Or is John truly special and that is why he came back to life?
  • Was Ben sincere when he came and rescued John? Or was he planning to kill him all along?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on all of this!

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we all have our jobs

My husband is great about sharing the housework to keep things running around here. But there are some areas where we each have our strengths.

His jobs include:

  • Carrying the garbage out to the curb
  • Picking up gallons of milk and other miscellaneous items at the store on his way home from work
  • Replacing light bulbs
  • Repairing things
  • Starting fires
  • Grilling
  • and Killing bugs

I am willing to help with all but the last one.

“Mom! There’s a bug on the toilet seat!” my daughter screamed this morning.

“Go tell your dad. He’s in charge of bugs,” I was able to calmly reply. (Whew! Got out of that one!)

I do a lot of the picking up of rooms, folding laundry, dusting, vacuuming and kitchen cleaning, which makes sense because he is gone at work all day. He would actually help more if I didn’t keep banning him from certain household chores. I just like things done my way, sometimes.

But there are a few things we both agree are definitely MY job:

  • Determining whether an outfit is appropriate and if it matches. (“I don’t think you are allowed to wear pink socks with a blue shirt. Better ask your mom.”)
  • Deciding if a snack is appropriate at a certain time. (“I don’t think you can eat Cheetos for breakfast. Better ask your mom.”)
  • Making phone calls. You know, arranging car pools, play dates, making doctor’s appointments.
  • Figuring out WHAT we will eat at mealtime. My husband has no problem cooking a meal, but deciding what we will eat is another story.
  • Finding ANYTHING. A lost sock. A lost backpack. A lost toy. I am the only person in the house who is capable of that job. And it’s not for lack of effort. It seems to be a genetic code that is only granted to women of a certain age. (I’m exaggerating, of course!)

Sometimes it’s tempting to get frustrated if someone else can’t match up a shirt and pants or find the missing glove. But then I have to remember, it’s WAY better than killing spiders… or carrying out the garbage!

What about you? How do the chores break down at YOUR house?

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things I love

I’m sure you’ve all seen that survey that’s been going around called “25 Random Things About Me”. I’ve tried to do it several times, but it always turns into: “25 Chronological Facts About Me”, which really isn’t very funny or interesting.

Maybe my brain just can’t handle such random thoughts. So, I decided to post 25 or so Things I Love. Of course, I use the term “love” loosely! How could my love for artichoke dip possibly compare to my love for my children? But you know what I mean.

These are in no particular order, since I’m going to do my best to keep it random.

1. I love unusual foods that start with the letter A: artichokes, avocados and asparagus.

2. I love Mexican food and could eat it everyday. I especially love guacamole (see #1).

3. I love summer. I would go so far as to say I’m addicted to summer. I try to do and see as much as possible in summer to the point that I sometimes make myself crazy with my expectations.

4. I love traveling. I was thinking about some of my favorite places I have been blessed to visit: Moab, Utah (Arches National Park); Olympic National Park in Washington (the only rainforest in the continental U.S.); Rio deJaneiro; Zambia, Africa; Sequoia National Park in California; the Smokies and the Rockies; and the North rim of the Grand Canyon (part of our mountain biking adventure). Those are some of my favorites, but I can get excited about a trip to almost anywhere!

5. I love it when the flowers start to bloom in spring.

6. I love my Mac. I love my MacBook and I love my iTouch. I’ve been a Mac user since the first Mac was invented and I’ve never owned anything else. I get very excited about getting a new computer.

7. I love trying new recipes.

8. I love dancing.

9. I love singing really loud to really loud music.

10. I love 80s music more now than I did in the 80s.

11. I love it when my kids all bust a move and we dance together, sometimes for a whole CD.

12. I love putting on a complete lip syncing act to three songs (especially if my children or other adults will join in as back-up singers): Make it Happen (Mariah Carey), All-Star (Smash Mouth), Lose My Soul (Toby Mac). I wish there was a place in society for a crazy, almost 40 mom who loves to lip sync. I can play a mean egg shaker, too.

13. I love getting together with my extended family.

14. I love to achieve goals.

15. I love to help other people achieve their goals.

16. I love to encourage other people. It makes me feel really good. (I love the book, “Encouragement Changes Everything” by John Maxwell.)

17. I love listening to books on CD while I fold the laundry. I don’t love to fold laundry (or any other housework, for that matter), but I LOVE it when the laundry is all folded!

18. I love the TV show LOST. (You hadn’t noticed?!?!)

19. I love getting together with friends.

20. I love organizing things…. events and activities, not sock drawers or closets!

21. I love singing “I Love You So Much” to my three kiddos before they go to sleep. I really love it when they sing along. And I really, really love it when they beg me to sing it.

22. I love my three children so much it hurts.

23. I love my wonderful husband. I seriously don’t know how he puts up with me.

24. I love my church because the people there are so warm.

25. I love the fact that God loves me despite all of my flaws. I love having the hope that no matter what happens to everything else I love, his love remains.

I would love to hear about your loves! You can comment here. If you want to write a post about things you love, include your link in the comments section and then link back to mine!

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