join the cause, add an insult

Over the weekend, I was confronted by someone who was really annoyed with me because of my attitude… my positive attitude.

“What is wrong with me?!”

“How can I be so accepting of other people… their views… their appearance?!?”

I have to admit that I was pretty bugged by this at first. I don’t mind if someone wants to debate me on my beliefs. In fact, I kind of enjoy it. But I don’t take personal attacks quite so easily.

But then I started to think about what this guy had to say and I realized he is right.

What the world needs is more nastiness. People are really way too kind to each other. Let’s hurl some insults! We need more sarcasm!

If you see someone out on the street and she looks funny, let her know! Don’t just walk on by! Maybe you notice a baby who isn’t the cutest on the block, tell the mom!

I really don’t know what I was thinking all of this time. I actually was born into the world as a glass-half-empty kind of girl. But I have done what I can to change my attitude. Now I realize I am moving in the wrong direction. Negativity, people! That’s what we need!

So, take it from my new friend. Spread the nastiness. Honk at a driver. Heck, throw a snowball. Will you join me? Let’s get out there and see how many people we can insult today!

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  1. I’d throw a snowball at you but only cuz it’s warm enough here now to be perfect snowball fight weather! Your theory does make us think tho… and really how rude to be annoyed with a positive attitude!! Go figure… it just doesn’t have to make sense…Laurel

  2. ooohhh, anonymous 1, that brings up a good idea: spitting at people.Of course, you DO KNOW that I’m only kidding… yes, I know you do…Laurel… I was at least smart enough to realize I couldn’t argue with the guy… but it made me feel a little better to write about it.I’m over my whining now. =]

  3. Hi Emily, great thoughts and I love the new look!Max Lucado said, “refuse the temptation to be cynical…the tool of the lazy thinker.”You are a thinker…NOT a lazy one!:D

  4. Ahhh… thanks, Lynn. That was so nice.Marsha… you are so right! It’s so tempting to join the crowd and jump into cynicism. That quote is a great reminder. Thanks for the compliment on the redesign. I promised my husband, I would take at least ONE week off from redesigning since I changed it two weeks in a row. haha.

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