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I have a very serious question and I’m wondering if you all will help me out??

I’m not kidding… I really need answers here. So, even if you’re usually just a reader here, would you please, just this once, answer this question for me??

I’ve read a couple of blogs lately that made a statement I thought was kind of shocking. I’m trying to figure out if I have some sort of disease or mental illness or perhaps something went wrong in my genetic makeup.

So, here goes. Several other women have been blogging lately about how they HATE to shop for clothes.

Here’s the thing. I would say that one of my top five absolute favorite things to do is to shop for clothes. In fact, I love it so much that I have to restrain myself from doing it too much. I could cause our family some serious financial issues because of my constant and burning desire to shop for clothes.

Just this morning, I was out shopping at Sam’s (where, by the way, I spent $271 on groceries!! I hadn’t been there in several months. But is THIS normal?!?! Because the check-out guy, Joey, said, WHOA! when he gave me the total). Anyway, I’m going through Sam’s and thoughts keep running through my head like, “Just a package of socks… Maybe some new underwear… ANYTHING that is even slightly clothing-like would make me so happy right now!”

Clothes shopping is almost like a sport for me. I buy almost every single article of clothing that I own from one store: New York & Co. I know this isn’t that impressive. It’s not like Macy’s or J. Jill or Ann Taylor. But it works for me.

They say they have the perfect pant and in my opinion, they do. Their clothes don’t always last that long, and that’s fine. Because after a couple years, I’m tired of them anyway. And their style seems to fit me. I feel somewhat dressed up, but not too dressy. It’s gotten to the point I don’t even attempt to shop at any other stores except in a pinch when I will run into Kohl’s. (I know… again, I’m sounding kind of proletariat.)

The real clincher for NY&Co. is the coupons. They send me coupons almost every week. “Spend $50 and get $25 free” “Save $60 on a purchase of $150 or more.” I have a love-hate relationship with these coupons.

I hate them because I totally get their game. They mark up the prices and then make me think I’m getting a great deal. I love it because I enjoy trying to “show” them. That’s when I can swoop in at just the right moment and find some great deals and THEN use my coupon. I can usually walk out of there with several nice outfits, some jewelry and maybe even a pair of shoes for $90.

So, every new season, I usually go buy a few new “uniforms”. These are my two or three new outfits that I wear to my Discovery Toys parties, church, school functions and any social events.

Finally, the dressing room. I love trying on clothing. I could try on clothing for hours! This is like therapy for me.

I’m really not proud of this obsession. I don’t think it’s a good thing. But it’s a constant battle for me to restrain myself from buying new clothing! And that’s why I think its so interesting and amazing that other women actually HATE to shop for clothes!

If you are like me, will you tell me so I don’t feel so alone out here??

I’m also very curious why other women don’t like clothes shopping? Is it because things don’t fit right? Is it hard to find something that fits your style? Or is it just not something you want to spend money on?

Would you prefer to shop for cute clothes for your kids, rather than yourself? Or maybe eletronics? Or perhaps you have a hobby that is more tempting? Or do you love shoes, but just not clothes?

Really… I want to know! Will you tell me? Please???

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  1. I hate shopping for clothes. It’s all about body image and I don’t like mine. Though, I have yet to do anything about it. But, I’ve never been one to hang in front of a mirror for long (not saying that you are), but I just don’t like it. I’m gonna have to try this store of yours! Maybe it will change my mind about clothes shopping.

  2. I hate shopping for clothes. It’s all about body image and I don’t like mine. Though, I have yet to do anything about it. But, I’ve never been one to hang in front of a mirror for long (not saying that you are), but I just don’t like it. I’m gonna have to try this store of yours! Maybe it will change my mind about clothes shopping.

  3. Don’t like to shop much at all. Maybe I should try shopping with you and see if it rubs off. But I do like shoe shopping, though I can’t explain why except that I can picture how fun or cozy or cute the shoes will be when I wear them.Btw – wanted to say “thanks” for the fun prize for leaving a comment. I love it and will certainly make use of it. : )

  4. Oops! I had changed a setting the other night and I didn't realize that blogger was stashing away the comments and making me approve them!Anyway… I LOVE to take other people clothes shopping, almost as much as I love shopping for myself! I love to bring another person outfits while they are in the dressing room and make them try things they wouldn't normally try. Just give me a call and I'm there! (Although Indy is going to take a little extra planning.)One tip… and you can see how obsessed I am here… make sure you are wearing the right shoes when you go to the clothing store. You can't try on the "perfect pant" when you are wearing tennis shoes.And, Lynn… NY&Co is just a grown-up version of The Limited. =]

  5. I’m so thankful the everydayMom likes to shop for clothes. EverydayHusband gets to stay at home and only try one purchased clothes once…..no dressing rooms

  6. some people like shoes and purses, i’m definitely clothes. and i’m equal opportunity: for me, for kids, for hubby, anyone. although, i think the dressing room often offers a reality check i’m not always into. but i’m about to read “being consumed” and am ready to have that obsession come under fire. but i won’t start reading it until after our shopping date. 😉

  7. Em- Your blog today fills my heart with joy! I too, am a confessed clothes shopping addict. I took my clothing shopping addiction to the absolute limit when I opened my own women’s clothing store on ebay just so I could shop for more clothes to sell and go to the apparel shows at the merch. mart. You do know that’s why I did that don’t you? It is so fun to log onto FashionGo and order up 12 of everything you want to try on! Well, that didn’t work too well because the ebay store took up every spare moment of time which I wasn’t willing to part with anymore and I had to shut it down. So now I’m back to just shopping and trying not to shop at the same time for myself. I have the most wonderful husband who actually supports my clothes shopping habit and says I deserve nice and new things, but still, once a month or so, I try really hard to never shop for new clothes again. I too have developed a pretty much dedication to only 1 store and their jewelry and they have me too in the grips of their coupon campaign. Of all my obsessions (coffee, chocolate, movies, reading), my clothes shopping obsession is my favorite break with reality. I am glad to know that we share this one genetic flaw together. Did we get it from mom or dad? Annette, are you in?

  8. clc: That books sounds good! I would love to hear more about it. I’m usually kind of a penny pincher, which is why the whole clothing thing kind of gets to me! Amy: I didn’t realize the eBay store was an extention of your own clothing addiction, but now I can totally see how! I also would love to buy 12 of my favorite shirt.Not sure about the source of this gene… No real clear signs in the most likely target, Mom. But, now I’m remembering that e-mail Dad just sent about how all the men in the family NEED one of those “manly” broadcloth shirts and I’m thinking, “Could it be?!?”Kent and I have been reading the book, “Love and Respect”. It says that when a man says, “I don’t have anything to wear,” he means he doesn’t have anything clean to wear. When a woman says that, she means “I don’t have anything new to wear.” =]What’s your favorite store, by the way??

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