Wow! Can it get worse?!?

Back in my reporter days, I used to get to run from my office on the 20th floor at Clark and Madison over to the federal building, which was right down the street, to cover big stories like the one that is happening non-stop today.

But I’m not sure there has ever been a story quite this big in recent memory in Illinois government. Not Edgar’s heart surgery. Not even Ryan’s trial or imprisonment. Nothing quite as exciting as the FBI showing up at the sitting governor’s home with handcuffs and arresting him this morning.

I’m glued to the radio, TV and Internet to hear the latest developments. But instead of running around with my little tape recorder and notebook, I’m devouring all of the developments while sipping hot cocoa.

At least I have my newspaper blog to release a little of my reporter-wannabe pent-up tension.

Click here if you have any thoughts you would like to share about the latest political scandal in Illinois.

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  1. What on earth is happening to my hometown state?! The state from which I refused to give up my driver’s license in order to become a Hoosier?! Todd Edgar’s uncle had a heart attack?! 🙂

  2. Edgar’s heart bypass surgery was a LONG time ago back when I was working in Springfield… I guess it wasn’t a heart attack, just bypass surgery… Great! Now i have to correct my post… just ignore this, everyone! =] this is what happens when you spend too much time sipping cocoa and eating fritos!

  3. OK. Random thoughts on RB’s mess that he has made. First, I will have to refer to the Governer of Illinois as RB because he has one of those names that are not spelled as they are pronounced. That college basketball coach…he’s another one of those. And Bret Favre; he’s one too. Anyway. I wonder what kind of husband RB is. Is he one that shares his evil plans with his wife, or is he a “surpriser?” “Surprise Honey! Look at this fabulous job I just scored for you! Oh, I had to break a few laws, but I did it for you.” Maybe his wife was coaching him the whole time. Telling him that if Illinois governer was the best job he could get (why not California, Hawaii or South Carolina), then he owes her some sort of compensation.And don’t you think there should be a “Do-Do And Don’t-Do Guide” to being a politician? The first chapter for do-dos would be very short, so they could refer to it often. “Do think of the people you are supposed to be governing before selling a seat to the US Senate.” The don’t-do chapter would be 8,000 pages long. It would have to have a chapter about “Don’t-do a wide stance in an airport bathroom.” Who knew?! “Don’t-do a baby in your early 40’s because then you will be accused of covering up your teenage daughter’s preganancy, even if she wasn’t pregnant…yet.” “Don’t-do an affair while on the campaign trail, especially after your wife has been diagnosed with cancer. Remission or not.”Those are just a few I could think of. Sorry that’s what happens when I am left alone to have random thoughts!

  4. Thanks, random thoughts… It’s the arrogance that gets me… the complete arrogance… What happened to the term “public servant”. If you believe your job is to serve the public, you would be thinking of those people first, not your personal gain.Of course, Blago is innocent until proven guilty. But when someone like Ryan IS proven guilty, an admission of guilt… a real heart-felt apology to the family that lost SIX children in a flaming inferno would go a long way.

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