“I always feel like… somebody’s watching me…” (aka THIS IS FREAKING ME OUT!)

If you can name the artist and title of that song, you must have grown up in the ’80s. Personally, I can’t remember, but the tune does get stuck in my head.

So… you might have noticed that little Feedjit at the bottom of the page. I was trying to hide it down there, but it’s pretty obnoxious.

I need to know. Does it freak you out?

When I first saw it on someone else’s page, it almost made me scream: “How does it KNOW a visitor just arrived from Bolingbrook?!?! Is that thing WATCHING me?!?”

Well, then I started watching IT, and I couldn’t resist putting it on my page to see what would happen. It’s been quite amusing, actually. I find it entertaining to see what kind of people unexpectedly come and go around here.

But I’m wondering if it is making anyone nervous. I don’t want to drive anyone away. (As if my fake firing weren’t bad enough, I’m really trying hard to KEEP readers now!) I know a fun part about blog lurking is that you can read about someone’s life in complete anonymity. They don’t need to know how often or for how long you stop by.

So… I could take it off… if you really want me to… Really, I could… I think…

My friend was telling me today about another little gadget called Google Alert. It will actually send you a message any time anyone mentions your name on the Internet.

I seriously couldn’t even get up in the morning if I was getting an alert like that in my e-mail. I don’t care how positive it might be, I still would cringe to read it.

It’s strange how much information is out there about each one of us, isn’t it? Of course, many people like me PUT the info out there for others to observe and read, so I can hardly complain.

Would it be better to go back to the way it was before?

I was reading an article about President-elect Barack Obama who will have to give up sending e-mail or corresponding over the Internet once he takes office. I guess any written correspondence can be open to public inspection once you are the nation’s top dog.

Will he be able to survive his Crackberry addiction, once he can’t type on the little mini keyboard of his Blackberry all day long?

I would be in such withdrawal without my e-mail, it wouldn’t even be worth the presidency. I can just imagine my hands shaking, voice slurred, right in the middle of a decision on whether or not to launch a nuclear weapon: “Haaaannnnngggg oooonnnnn. Caaannnn I just check my e-mail for ooooooonnnnnneeeeee minute? Pllllleeeeaaaaasssseeeee?????”

It wouldn’t be pretty.

So, tell me the truth about the Feedjit. Is it like a big piece of spinach right on my front tooth? Or can I leave it for at least a few more days?

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  1. Now I’m noticing that after mentioning President Elect You Know Who that I got a visitor from Washington, DC. That really IS freaking me out!! Good thing I have my little Feedjit, huh?

  2. OK, that my be fault. I wanted you to feel the love, so I sent an email to friends and family asking them to give you a look. I have relatives in D.C. It coulda been Uncle Jim. Or, it could have been the Secret Service. You just never know. By the way, the song is by Rockwell.~Child of the ’80’s

  3. Oh you’re being watched alright. Just spent some time with the State Police configuring the camera on their helicopter. They know what everbody is growing and cookin’ in their houses.~Child of the ’80’s sister

  4. DON’T do the Google Alert thing. Then you’ll be watching your email and thinking, “dang, isn’t anybody talking about me on the internet??”.Next time I’m on wi-fi in a different town, I’m going to be sure to check in on things here. Just because. 🙂

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