what I’ve learned and GIFT!

OK… So, I’ve learned a lot over the past few days about blogging. (Please keep reading because there IS something special coming…)

1. It’s very difficult to detect extreme sarcasm in the written word. If you write something super sarcastic, you should include a line somewhere that says, “I’m kidding.”

2. Lots more people read your blog than you know.

3. Those special ones who comment are extra special and you should never take them for granted. (More about this coming up.)

4. If people take the time to comment, you should offer them feedback, even if you didn’t think anyone would check back to see what you had written.

5. Blogging is, for the most part, a one-way conversation, so if you have even ONE person who bothers to read your ranting and raving, you should tell that person THANK YOU! They have just offered you their precious time in life.

So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving and just to really say THANK YOU to my wonderful readers, I would like to give you a cute little gift. It’s not expensive, but I think it’s cute, and I would like to send you a gift as my way of saying thank you for reading my blog. By the way, I’M ABSOLUTELY SERIOUS! (I know the word “cute” would scare off any man, but if you are a man, I think you might like it, too.)

ALL you have to do is leave me a comment on this topic:

I’ve been wanting to make my content a little bit more specific. Some ideas I had were my weekly meal plans, recipes, tips that make life easier, inspirational quotes from books I’m reading … stuff like that.

I stumbled on a blog today where this woman writes a post EVERY SINGLE DAY for the entire year about something to make in the crock pot, along with photos and recipes. Now THAT’S a unique idea!! Other people write blogs about arts and crafts, cars, country music, travel… you name it and there’s a blog about it.

So, what would YOU write about in a blog? Or what would topic would interest you to READ IN a blog? Or what topic do you think I should include in mine?? Or if you have a blog, feel free to promote it here. If you don’t have an idea, just leave any type of comment.

Leave me a comment by Monday night and I will send you my thank you gift. If you don’t have a google account, just click “anonymous” and you will be able to write your comment. If I don’t know you, please also e-mail me with your mailing address so I can send the gift. My e-mail is emilyneal@comcast.net.

And if I haven’t said it already: THANK YOU for reading! =]

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  1. I like a blog to be random. Oh sure, you can go to one where you know there will be new kinds of cakeballs, or a new crockpot recipe but I also like a random “this is what I thought of when I was in the shower and had an nth of a second to have my own thoughts” blog. I know what to expect from that other mom blogger I know, who will talk about her child, what she has learned from her child and then quote from Good Book. Hers causes me to feel a little cynical. Your blog gives me warm fuzzies, and I know that I am going to learn something new about my old, new friend! Stay random! Use your “shower thoughts!” ~LAEW

  2. Lynn – That’s so funny that you mention random shower thoughts because that’s where ALL of my thoughts come from. Actually, it’s a hot bubble bath… I call it my “think tank” cause every time I come out of there I have some crazy new idea!! thanks for your input!Beth – I DO have your address!

  3. I tend to blog about creative ways of using stuff, but then I find that I’m not very creative very often, or that I don’t realize I’m being creative because it seems entirely obvious to me (I would make a terrible patent examiner. “That’s obvious”, “Duh!”, “Yes a laser pointer is obvious tool for exercising your cat”)One of the problems when pigeon holing your blog is then when you have something to write about that doesn’t fit the mold, then it is much more difficult to decide whether or not to write about it.I guess I’ll just put my random thoughts as comments on your blog (Did you know when a Polly Pocket loses her hair, she becomes a boy) and leave my blog to be about things like using the top of a broken halogen torch lamp as a backyard light so that come crazy guys can toss bags well after dark.

  4. Mr. Hacker – Funny about the Polly Pocket! Feel free to leave your random thoughts here anytime. Looking forward to getting the low-down on the bag tossing light. I’ll have to try to keep my husband from reading it though because he’ll be out in the garage trying to follow your plans! =]

  5. Just a warning – if your husband tries to follow Wileyhacker’s plans, he’s going to be in the garage a long time. It’s called five years of kids tilting the floor lamp to turn it off and on, until the base breaks.And the whole pigeonholing thing? If you don’t want to go topical, think of it as “finding your voice” (although I’m guessing you’ve already done that, so maybe it’s more about using your voice). You can be random in your own unique way and have a huge following. Check out BooMama if you want a great example of this http://boomama.net/.

  6. A Musing Mom – The kids managed to tip over and break about three lamps in one week, so we might have some good stuff to work with on the outdoor lamp! I now only buy the cheapest lamps I can find at Target!Looks like the votes for “random” are winning! I love it since that’s more fun anyway. =]

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