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Thank you to everyone who has entered my FREE planner contest. Back to the rules and an update for anyone who still wants to enter. (Make sure you keeping reading for the first ever comment from everydayHusband!)

I have been so excited about all of the feedback I have been getting about my everydayMOM and Brain Book planners.

Just post a comment here about my planner or send me an e-mail. It could be something you love about it or an idea to improve it. If you don’t have a planner, send me one of your own organization tips. Or just send me a note to say that you love chocolate, love the color brown or just love life. I’m good with any kind of note.

For every 10 entries that I receive, I will draw the name of one person who will receive a free planner! If you already have one, you can give the extra to a friend. The contest runs until this Friday, Nov. 7.

If you post anonymously, please also send me an e-mail,, so I will have your contact info!

More comments:

First, from my everydayHusband who is filling up my love tank with words of affirmation. =]

To all everydayMom’s: As the everydayHusband I just want to take the opportunity along with all of you to talk about the success of this planner from someone that is on the receiving end of an organized home and the sharing of “Moments Of Meaning”. There are times like the present that work takes me out of the country not for a few days, but weeks at a time. I can tell you that it’s not easy leaving knowing the burden that is left on the everydayMom at home to get through the long list of daily tasks that are required of family. One thing that gives me a real peace of mind is knowing of Emily’s ability to keep on task in a God honoring away and meet the needs of our children while I’m away. I cannot tell you what a blessing this is to me! I would encourage each of you to continue to share your success with others and try to find someone this Christmas to pass this planner onto as a wonderful gift to them, but consider the blessing it could bring to their spouse and children by them having the means of organizing their home and making their day meaningful. everydayHusband

Wasn’t that the sweetest thing you’ve ever read?

I love the planner. I love the colors (& chocolate – dark preferably). My only suggestions would be a smaller daily place for household chores, (I am lucky if I get to 1-2 things a day), and a larger daily place for phone calls. I always seem to have a list of them everyday. I hope that helps. You’re a working mom (everydayMOM) hero of mine!

That’s a great suggestion!

This one is about the Brain Book: I LOVE the inclusion of “coaching” topics for consultants to have on hand to review for themselves when they are starting out and then to use with their new recruits. A suggestion for in the future layouts, maybe have a section at the back for recruit leads and hostess leads, as I like to not have to flip through pages to find those lists and it would just be a matter of flipping to the back section or a front section for that information. Just a thought!

That’s a good thought! I have gone back and forth on how to organize that part. Thanks for your input! You also can put a colored paperclip or a colored post-it note on the page for the current month and the next couple of months to make it easier to find those lists.

I am addicted to my planner. I have it out in plain view all day long and refer to it, write in it, and check things off my list all day, every day! I’m so glad I have one! One thing I would like is if you could add a pocket to either the inside front or back cover. This would be a great place for me to store field trip forms, etc. that I need to follow up on. I suppose a paper clip would do the job too…Thanks for the great planner!!

You are the second person to request a pocket. Maybe I will someday get a real publisher (not a self publisher) who can help me figure out how to add that!

I just checked it out and it looks awesome – I so need to get organized! I love the fact that it has the 2-day month spread and then the weekly pages – great idea! It seems like it’s always one or the other and certainly never the cleaning, cooking, pages which I love as well – do they include all the famous Emily recipes??

My goal is to start putting some recipes on my blog. And for those who don’t know, an “Emily recipe” is one that is super simple, but looks like it was hard!

I had the 2008 Brain book, and the one thing that I would have liked with that is some blank pages for each month. I use a second notebook for taking important phone messages, Must do contact things that don’t fit. Anyway, that’s what would make it perfect for me.

Another good suggestion. With each page I add, my cost grows, so it’s always a balance!

I really liked the idea of the tip sheets right inside your Brain Books… seems that to run a business successfully, the calendar is always there.. so why not have some inspiration every time you open it up! I also loved the inspirational messages at the top of each page.

You can read more past comments here.

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  1. and another…”I looked up your planner online. It looks awesome. I know I can use (a planner)… I just haven’t found the one I love. Maybe yours is the one! I will add it to my Christmas list (unless, of course, I win one in your drawing).”

  2. Hey-just saw your post and thought i’d drop an idea too. First of all, I love the design, it’s so cute. One idea, possibly making a smaller one as well, easier to fit in your purse. Good job-adorable!

  3. Emily,Here’s my feedback after one full week of using the planner (sorry it’s only one – I’m a newbie): I love that I can look over my week and easily see what I got done and what I have left to do. Very helpful!(And you know how I feel about Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate, although I’m still rooting for Max Brenner’s to come to Chicago).: ) Lara

  4. Sounds like a wonderful planner. I’m a planner user. Not good at using its greatest potential. Brain book, sounds like something every person needs. Thank you! I’ll check out more.Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. another e-mail:I love your planner! I purchased one last year & didn’t really start using it til right after Convention when I found my motivation again!! I really like being able to see the whole month at a glance! I plan on doing more with my business in 2009 so will utilize the other pages more so next year – ie the recruiting pages & hostess pages.For tips… I have added those firm little post it tabs on each month so that I’m not flipping thru them like crazy trying to book ahead for next month. I have also cut the corners off of each page too (I did this first & then found the firm post it tabs). I’m not sure if there’s a way for you to add those features or not… they’re just something that my anal side likes!I also LOVE chocolate.I am good with the color brown – purple would be my fav!!I also LOVE LIFE!!

  6. and another e-mail:I HAVE YOUR EVERYDAYMOM PLANNER. I think it’s great! I’d love to see a monthly page before the week the month starts or even better, a section of 12 monthly calendars (6-12 pages) at the front of the book to access the month more easily. I like the shopping list too!

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