I’m giving away FREE planners!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has purchased one of my everydayMOM or Brain Book planners!

I have been so excited by the great reaction I have been getting, so I decided to have a little contest. This is really to help ME make my planner better in the future.

Just post a comment here about my planner or send me an e-mail. It could be something you love about it or an idea to improve it. If you don’t have a planner, send me one of your own organization tips. Or just send me a note to say that you love chocolate, love the color brown or just love life. I’m good with any kind of note.

For every 10 entries that I receive, I will draw the name of one person who will receive a free planner! If you already have one, you can give the extra to a friend. The contest runs until this Friday, Nov. 7.

I will be posting some of my e-mail comments here, as well. If you post anonymously, please also send me an e-mail, emilyneal@comcast.net, so I will have your contact info! I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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  1. Finally, after years of searching. A planner that fits my life. Really. I love the design. I have a question, though. In my dream would, it would be a bit smaller like 6 by 9 and have a pocket. Then I realized its lulu…maybe you’d be willing to republish it in the smaller size? So, I’m writing to ask if you would. Thanks for you efforts.

  2. I love your planners. I have both the everyday MOM and Brain book. I actually panicked this morning because I could not find my planner. I did find it, thank goodness! I refer to the everydayMOM planner every morning to see if my children have hot lunch, sports or special things going on at school. I love my Brain book too.  If I did not have it, I would have lots of little pieces of paper all over the place with peoples names on them. I can refer to my book to see who I need to call and keep track of my hostesses and potential recruits. Love it!!  I also gave the everydayMom planner to my friend after she had her third child and she loves hers too. She told me the night I gave it to her she stayed up late filling in all her dates and info. I am so glad you have created these planners! Thank you!

  3. I am addicted to my planner. I have it out in plain view all day long and refer to it, write in it, and check things off my list all day, every day! I’m so glad I have one! One thing I would like is if you could add a pocket to either the inside front or back cover. This would be a great place for me to store field trip forms, etc. that I need to follow up on. I suppose a paper clip would do the job too…Thanks for the great planner!!-Michele Smith

  4. To all everydayMom’s,As the everydayHusband I just want take the opportunity along with all of you to talk about the success of this planner from someone that is on the receiving end of an organized home and the sharing of” Moments Of Meaning”. There are times like the present that work takes me out of the country not for a few days, but weeks at a time. I can tell you that it’s not easy leaving knowing the burden that is left on the everydayMom at home to get through the long list of daily tasks that are required of family. One thing that gives me a real peace of mind is knowing of Emily’s ability to keep on task in a God honoring away and meet the needs of our children while I’m away. I cannot tell what a blessing this is to me! I would encourage each of you to continue to share your success with others and try to find someone this Christmas to pass this planner onto as a wonderful gift to them, but consider the blessing it could bring to their spouse and children by them having the means of organizing their home and making their day meaningful.everydayHusband

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