going hykerspeed

“Mom, are you going hykerspeed or regular speed?” my 4-year-old daughter calls out from her car seat.

“I’m going regular speed, honey.”

“Well, go faster! That silver car is passing us!” she cries. “You need to go hykerspeed!”

“Faster, Mom, faster. Push the red triangle button,” she says, referring to the button that will turn on the hazard lights.

She is convinced that one push of that button will send us flying through an asteroid field and back home in a millisecond.

I’m just not sure how she possibly could have gotten so bossy?

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  1. Just don’t let her find out about the ejector seat button located in the middle of the steering wheel like Speed Racer had. I love the shooo, shooo, shooo noise it makes when you engage the ejector seat. Love, Aunt Amy

  2. Too funny! What kind of movies does that girl watch? Or does she get it from her brothers? My three girls wouldn’t think of the hykerspeed button.I’m going to be chuckling about that the rest of the day now. : )

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