Life in the Middle, Episode 1

So, I’ve been trying to convince my seventh grader that we should have a talk show. You know… a show where we just talk. Somehow, I tricked her into doing this with me while we were driving in the van. It’s an awesome episode where we talk about her life in middle school and my life in middle age. It’s called, “Life in the Middle.” Get it?!? In Episode One, we talk about middle school fashion and middle age fashion. We discuss cafeteria food and health food. And we dig into entertainment and my middle age workout routine. We also...
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“Would you rather…”

“Would you rather live in place where it’s always warm or in a place with seasons?” When our family is on vacation, we often ask each other “dinner table questions” while we’re eating. Sometimes I bring along a box of questions. Other times we make them up. We spent the past week in Florida for spring break, and this was the question that kept circulating around our family. I asked my husband. Then, he asked our daughter. She asked her sister. And she asked her brother. Around the family, the question seemed to revolve throughout the week. Considering we all love...
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