Why letting go doesn’t get easier

Last week, I took my two boys to high school registration. I stood in long lines with them, paying their registration fees, picking up class schedules, buying a parking pass and purchasing PE uniforms. After about an hour, I needed to run back home to pick up my daughter who had registration at the same time at junior high. I quickly helped the boys find their lockers, and then they reassured me it was OK to leave. “We can walk around and find our classes,” they told me. “We can walk home when we’re done.” By the time the girls...
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What I learned during a month of not doing

Giving something up for a month has been a theme for me in 2017. I started the year giving up certain foods, then it was social media and after that I gave up spending for a month. But at the end of May, I was given the opportunity to give something up that had not been in my plan. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know this past year has been a challenge for me. By the time the school year ended, our whole family was struggling. I talked to my boss (it’s hard to call him that...
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