Deep thoughts in the MRI machine

“Just breathe normal,” a man said in a calm voice. “You’re doing great.” Despite his encouragement, the instruction made me want to gasp for air. “What exactly is normal?” I asked myself. “Am I breathing normal? I don’t normally pay attention to my breathing. I’m not sure if this is normal.”┬áThe more I thought about it, the more unsteady my breathing became. I tried to forget about where I was. I tried not to open my eyes. The realization that I was lying inside a tube filled with bright yellow light made me feel like I would panic. The thought...
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A month of creativity

One of the great joys of watching our kids become teenagers is seeing them grow in their gifts and talents. When they were little, it seemed we were always trying to give them opportunities to experience new things, whether it was a sport or an art class or a chance to learn a new skill. As they make their way through junior high, and now high school, it’s been fun to see them start to settle in and take ownership of their gifts. All four of them (including the first grader) are great about regularly practicing their creativity, without being...
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