Life in the Middle, Episode Two

Alayna and I are back for the second episode of “Life in the Middle.” This is our amazing show where we talk about Alayna’s life in middle school and my life in middle age! (Get it?!) On our second episode, we ask an important viewer question that came up after our recent car accident! We also talk about Alayna’s track season and my less successful attempts at running. We recorded a bunch of other conversations about fashion, beet chips and summer, but they were all too boring and had to get cut. Click to watch:  

My journey: A year later

This is Part Eight of my story. If you are just starting to read, please go back and start with: Part One: A new view of food Part Two: The start of my journey Part Three: Malnourished in America Part Four: Solving the gluten free puzzle Part Five: The Isolation of autoimmune disease Part Six: From Whole 30 to Paleo AIP Part Seven: What do we eat?   ** A few months ago, I got into a battle of wills with a muffin. I had been making a big batch of gluten free muffins each week for my kids to eat...
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